Rex Ramsa - Stamina ChargeRex Ramsa is an industrial-inspired hard techno project rigorously delivering the most demanding metal-tech psychic-stamina experiments. The debut album, Stamina Charge, has been released.

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The spirit of Droid Charge lives on…

About Stamina Charge

Engrossed in recording material for Full Moon Film in 2006, Karl Mohr took pause to let off steam with his minimalist hardcore machine-music effort Droid Charge: punishing techno tracks manipulating timbre and tempo wildly across a palette of dance floor destruction. In 2017, Mohr reframed Droid Charge as Rex Ramsa. The original album has been renamed and re-mastered for release on Tape Life Records.

Encapsulating soulless abstract art techno, noise and hardcore dance music, this debut from Rex Ramsa is dedicated to blatant, caustic, mechanical expressions: clone non-music for a non-audience devoid of aesthetics and empathy. A volcano of dirty and ugly minimalism, Stamina Charge is not for the faint of heart. Some reactions to Stamina Charge: “Daft Punk in an angry mood on a bad day.” “Percussion carpet-bombed by the Droid Army.” “A karate chop to the throat!”

With a specific focus on driving human biorhythms into accelerated states using tempo manipulation and sonic bombardment, this fracas can induce heightened physical effects and anxiety. For fans of: hard hypnotic schranz, extreme electronic, rhythmic noise and the UK dark techno scene.

Tags: hard techno, acid house, techno-industrial, industrial techno, dark techno, electronic, schranz, gabber, hardcore techno, rotterdam, ebm, harsh, noise, industrial, extreme electronic, speedcore.